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Expansion of hydropower

Water power – a sustainable, reliable and safe source of energy!

Why more hydropower? Why in the Tyrol? What requirements do the expansion schemes have to meet?

The energy turnaround places great challenges on our energy industry system. The objective is to create a regenerative supply of energy and increase energy efficiency in Europe by dispensing with power from nuclear power plants, crude oil, coal and natural gas to as great an extent as possible. For this reason it is vital that we not only harness energy from biomass, wind and solar power, but also promote the ecological expansion of hydropower development.
Due to the fact that renewables are subject to far greater fluctuations than energy generated, for example, from fossil fuels or nuclear power, more and more importance is being attached to being able to regulate power generation and create storage installations.
Thanks to the environmentally-friendly and socially sustainable expansion of hydropower and other renewables as well as ongoing efforts to improve energy efficiency, TIWAG, their Tyrolean partners and customers are making a significant contribution to the energy turnaround in the Tyrol and in Europe.
You will find an overview of the current status of our expansion schemes here.

Tyroleans have always greatly appreciated the value of water, and the vast majority of the population approves of measures to harness the energy of water. In addition, the Province’s mountains and abundance of water make Tyrol an ideal location for hydropower.

For this reason, the Tyrolean Provincial Government and TIWAG have joined forces to expand hydropower schemes in the Province. They believe that hydropower is a suitable means of achieving the energy autonomy desired.
To achieve these goals, plans have not only been made to expand pumped storage power plants but also generate base load electricity in large and small-scale run-of-the-river operations.

You will find an overview of the current status of our expansion schemes here.

Just like other building projects, our proposed power stations are also subject to specific legal requirements. Compliance with regulations is meticulously examined by authorities before approval is granted. Special importance is attached to compliance with the provisions of the Nature Conservation Law as well as the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive.

Within the framework of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), submissions are evaluated in detail by the government agencies responsible, and the inhabitants concerned are involved in the process (public participation and consultation). On the one hand, this ensures that TIWAG’s hydropower projects meet exacting ecological and social requirements. On the other, it makes sure that we achieve a good balance between costs, benefits for the national economy and public interest.

Click here for an overview of the current status of our expansion schemes.

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