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Energy turnaround & power schemes

TIWAG is well equipped for the energy turnaround. It is in a position to accelerate the ‘greening’ of the electricity industry in the Tyrol and reduce the province’s dependence on electricity imports and fossil sources of energy. To meet the future energy needs of the Tyrol, we need to swiftly expand domestic hydroelectric power schemes and develop other forms of renewable energy production.
According to ‘Tyrol Energy Strategy 2020’, the province will need to fill a supply gap of 1,600 GWh per year to meet domestic energy needs up until 2020. A further major increase in power consumption is predicted from 2020 onwards through the substitution of fossil energy sources. The objectives set out in this paper are supplemented and expanded on in the ‘Tyrol 2050 Energy Autonomy Strategy’.

The expansion of hydroelectric development will clearly have an impact on the environment. TIWAG is well aware of its extensive responsibility in this context. It exercises moderation and acts with diligence and care. Intervention means change, expansion, even improvement. We attach utmost importance to environmental protection and the conservation of species, to biodiversity and the efficient use of water resources.
One of TIWAG’s top most goals is to keep the environment intact. That is why we strive to minimise interventions in nature within the framework of our projects. It is our objective to protect and preserve the flora and fauna in the project area and its surroundings. In the course of a project, our experts optimise every component of a hydroelectric power station to meet ecological criteria.  

For further information on the topic of ecology, please see TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG’s Sustainability Report.

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