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Ecological action plan

Protecting natural habitats

Ecological action plans (compensatory and accompanying measures and/or action plans based on the Water Framework Directive) contribute greatly towards enhancing habitats. We use fish passes to ensure that there are no obstructions in watercourses, restore river banks, improve sediment management, carry out sustainable route management and compensate for interventions in the environment by taking tailored compensatory measures.

European water protection policy was fundamentally reformed by the Water Framework Directive (WFD) (2000/60/EC). This EU directive was translated into national law in Austria in 2003 with the amendment to the Water Rights Act of 1959 (Federal Law Gazette No. 215/1959 as amended).

According to the EU Water Framework Directive, we must protect and enhance all bodies of water with the aim of achieving ‘good ecological status’ and/or ‘good ecological potential’. We have opted for a ‘phased implementation’ of our programme of measures (objectives for 2015/for 2021/and for 2027) since it is not feasible to achieve all the objectives by 2015 for both technical and financial reasons.

The objective for 2015 is to remove barriers to fish passage in our priority network of watercourses. Three TIWAG plants are located in this priority enhancement area: Langkampfen power station, Kirchbichl power station and Prutz power station (with Runserau weir and Wenns water intake).

Fish pass Wenns
Fish pass Wenns
Bedload retention Schwarzach
Bedload retention Schwarzach
Fish pass Langkampfen
Fish pass Langkampfen
Lift fish pass Runserau
Fish lift Runserau
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