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Environmental impact statement

Establish and describe the environmental impact - develop measures

The project applicant must submit an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). This statement comprises expert reports on various legally-protected factors (human beings, fauna, flora, soil, water, air and climate, landscape, material assets and cultural heritage) in compliance with ‘Umweltverträglichkeitsgesetz 2000’ (Environmental Impact Act of 2000).

The Environmental Impact Statement must comprise the following:

  •     Description of project
  •     Alternative options
  •     Actual status – impacts – measures
  •     Overall impact
EIA Assessment method

TIWAG strives to minimise interventions in the environment from the very start. The Environmental Impact Statement consists of numerous expert reports and a description of how every component has been optimised to meet ecological criteria and/or minimise the environmental impact to protect the body of water and the flora and fauna in the project area and its surroundings.

In addition, the authorities (= the government of the Province of the Tyrol) conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which is a tool for nature conservation. The objective is to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact of large-scale projects (such as large-scale hydroelectric power stations) based on expert reports, involve the public (public participation scheme) and proceed efficiently (consolidated procedure).

This involves the following procedure:

  • Identify, describe and evaluate the direct and indirect impacts on the environment
  • Investigate measures which could prevent or reduce the detrimental, disturbing or negative impacts of the project on the environment or measures which could increase the positive impact of the project
  • Examine the pros and cons of alternatives and
  • Involve the inhabitants concerned (public participation and consultation, provide access to information)
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