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Building site of test reservoirs (Source: GEO-Alpinbau GmbH)

TIWAG builds re-regulation reservoir at Silz Hydropower Plant

The re-regulation reservoir will mitigate hydropeaking on the River Inn caused by water discharged from the Silz hydropower plant. Hydropeaking impacts will be reduced by channelling the water from the hydropower plant into the re-regulation reservoir before it flows into the River Inn.
The re-regulation reservoir, which will be built from August 2019 to April 2022, will have an area of 100,000 sq. metres and a volume of 300,000 cubic metres.

Construction work was started on two test reservoirs in September 2018. The objective is to test and further develop working methods before the actual re-regulation reservoir is built. Each basin is 30 by 40 metres in size. The basins were lined with geosynthetic clay liners (bentonite clay mats). Various sensors and measurement equipment (pore water pressure sensors) were installed under the lining to measure groundwater pressure and other parameters. The test reservoirs have in the meanwhile been completed. A temporary road is currently being built.

You will find more information about the project here.

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