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The Kaunertal Expansion Project

Der bestehende Speicher Gepatsch im hinteren Kaunertal.

The Kaunertal Expansion Project consists of the expansion of the current Kaunertal power station. The project has been submitted to the Provincial Government of the Tyrol for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Project history

  • 2006-2008 Project optimisation (headrace channel, overhead line)
  • 2009-2010 Assessment of Taschach and Fernergriess reservoir sites
  • Spring 2010 Geological probing reveals that Taschach and Fernergriess are not suitable sites
  • 15 May 2010 Further investigation into the Platzertal option
  • February 2011 Platzertal is chosen as the site for an upper stage reservoir

Upon Project completion, approx. 787 milion Kilowatt hours (kWh) per year will be additionally generated from natural inflow. In contrast to thermal Generation, this scheme will save about 300,000 tons of Co² emissions per year.

The TIWAG places great emphasis on creating additional benefits for the project region. These benefits comprise infrastructure projects and compensation measures as well as activities designed to promote regional development. For the Ötztal valley in particular, very effective flood protection can be provided without the need for additional measures, flood control structures or public funding.

The Oetztal Valley will get a second safe power line: a high voltage power line will be laid in the diversion tunnel from Kaunertal to the transformer station in Soelden.
You will find an overview of the information events planned here.

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