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Project area

The project area comprises the following municipalities


Water intakes are proposed close to Obergurgl and Vent in the municipality of Sölden.

St. Leonhard im Pitztal

The diversion tunnel will run from the Ötztal valley from the municipality of St. Leonhard im Pitztal.


The new Versetz pumped storage power plant is designed to be built at the foot of Gepatsch storage dam.


The upper stage reservoir will be located in the municipality of Pfunds.

The upper stage reservoir will be located in the municipality of Pfunds.
The Platzertal power plant will be in the municipality of Pfunds, to the west of Gepatsch reservoir, at about 2,300 metres above sea level. The proposed scheme consists of a reservoir with a storage volume of 42 million cubic metres and a rockfill dam which is approx. 120 metres high and will be built with approx. 8.2 million cubic metres of material. The proposed reservoir will mainly be filled by pumping water from Gepatsch reservoir. The potential energy in the stored water will be harnessed by the new Versetz power plant at Gepatsch dam.


Plans for the municipality of Tösens are as follows. First, build a new access tunnel into Platzertal (at the back of Bergletal valley) and second, reduce the catchment area of Tösener Bach.


Plans have been made to build a new Prutz 2 hydroelectric power plant at the southern end of the village and to remodel the outdoor switchyard.

The Prutz 2 hydroelectric power plant will be built next to the existing power plant in Prutz (marked in red). The existing outdoor switchyard next to the power station will be replaced by a much smaller, state-of-the-art encapsulated indoor switchgear installation.


Part of the underground headrace tunnel of the lower stage will run through the municipality of Fendels.


The project to upgrade Runserau weir will affect the municipality of Faggen.


Runserau weir and the existing desilter will be redesigned for a second headrace channel.


A new headrace channel will lead from Runserau weir to Imst 2 underground power station which will be located in the municipality of Imsterberg.

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