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Project profile

The Kaunertal Power Plant Expansion ist an extension to the existing Kaunertal hydropower plant. The project consist of the construction of a second lower stage in Prutz and an extension to Imst power plant.

Important components:

  • New reservoir in Platzertal
  • Versetz upper stage power plant
  • Prutz 2 lower stage power plant
  • Imst 2 hydropower plant
  • Headrace channel (between new reservoir in Platzertal and existing reservoir in Gepatsch)
  • New headrace channel (between Gepatsch reservoir and Burgschrofen surge tank)
  • New headrace channel (between existing daily storage Reservoir at Runserau and Imst 2 power plant)
  • Diversion tunnel from the back of Ötztal valley
  • Water intakes (at the back of Ötztal valley)

The expansion will ensure that this series of power plants can be better used and will improve the overall efficiency of the facility.

Technical and energy related data

Catchment area km²
Natural catchment area - Platzertal 8.2
Wider catchment - diversion channels 272
Free-flow tunnel  
Length 22.7 km
Diameter 4.9 and/or 6.0 m
Reservoir (storage volume) mill. m³
Platzertal reservoir (new) approx. 42
Gepatsch reservoir (existing) approx. 140
Installed capacity MW
Versetz upper stage 400
Prutz 2 lower stage 500
Prutz lower stage (existing) 370
Power Plant Imst 2 97
Gross head m
Upper stage 647
Lower stage 863
Additional average annual output generated by the series of power plants from natural inflow (1) 787 GWh

 (1) Water from natural inflow is diverted to Gepatsch reservoir and to Platzertal reservoir its energy is harnessed up until Haiming.

Our latest flyer with information about the proposed expansion to the Kaunertal hydroelectric power plant see in the Infobox.

Regulation (EU) No. 347/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2013 on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure (Infrastructure Regulation) stipulates that EU-wide infrastructure projects shall be identified as Projects of Common Interest, PCIs. The European Commission, European Networks of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) shall involve stakeholders through hearings and consultations and work together to identify and implement PCIs that modernise and expand Europe’s energy infrastructure and enhance security of supply.

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